Orange Swirl

orange swirl 2019 rings and spheres as a vector by blender

Orange Swirl 2019

An abstract representation with spherules and spirals in a virtual space, the result subordinating on the incidence of light. This construction can you watch from any point, you can see all cases always something else. I realized that spatial imagination is not only three-dimensional. Additionally you have to understand and feel about, because the fourth dimension sometimes goes where you can’t see. If you want to buy such a picture or have interest to know more about, please click one of the links below: with print options (as art print, poster, canvas print, gallery print, greeting card): Orange Swirl by Artflakes.com Swirl Light by Artflakes.com or here (as canvas, framed, acrylic, photographic): Orange Swirl by photo4me.com Blue Swirl by photo4me.com Swirl Light by photo4me.com Full Moon by photo4me.com Spherule Multiplication² by photo4me.com Velvet Spherule by photo4me.com

Last Updated on 08/02/2022

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