Space Of Blue

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Space Of Blue 2018 My idea was to design new esthetic forms, whereby the geometry should not stand in the foreground. But to put ideal outlines in scene is a nice task that I put myself. From a closed shape into an approximately open shape by some inverted angles. Triangles become hexagons at the same […]


Get Bent

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Get Bent 2018 Green-bluish surface distributed through the straight edges. The textures want to give an alien identity, while characterized up close by its easy geometry and nuances. Throught some 3d deffects it get a strong aesthetic identity.


Fisher As Cyanotypie

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Fisher as Cyanotypie 2011 A fisherman in the sunset is waiting to catch fish, in the time you want to observe the nature. Now all is Blue. Light is the part of the electromagnetic radiation that we can see with your eyes. The light spectrum for the blue here I would estimate at 450 nm. […]