Creation is incorporated in the material and vice versa. Each artist has ever tried to define this at least for himself. The product of creation is relative, it is mood and light depended, but also with the perspective and the background connected… And is not interchangeable with the word “beauty”. It’s more feeling than consciousness.

Art is a companion, it is more past than present, or it produces a delay that one can not really influence. That’s why, for me feeling like an artist, means being able to remember it as well. I do not really know if the technology or the philosophy plays a big role for me. I feel I need the two to come forward.

Florin 2019


I think I could tell now something about me and what is in my mind. Some of my first questions in my perception are about light and energy… mostly they are rational questions, as long as the creation has not penetrated the soul. Although my ideas presented here correspond to my philosophy, they don’t establish absolutely a direct dialogue to the physical reality. However, I tell about things that happen to me. When I see a new picture with the eyes of imagination my statements stay as an idealistic hypothesis first… until an echo arises.

With a background in construction engineering, I am a self-taught concept artist. I am a dreamer of geometry and of colors. And as a passionate photographer and co-worker on various web projects, I would like to show a few examples of my work here. I hope it may be the right time. But I like both online and print design with my passion being composing. Most of the works I keep ready in a high resolution.

The earth has just the right distance away from the sun for most of its water to remain liquid. And everything is suitable for life … and for creation. Such a comfortable match of the settings. But the terms like infinite and unlimited seem to get new meaning. We have to protect our space but we have to keep looking if possible without oil and weapons.

I am also happy to photograph water or just to be near the sea. Other themes are nature in every form and especially sky and trees. Some of my photographs I show you in the album Photography.

But also the geometry and the numbers fascinate me to a great extent. I search for patterns and models in the natural world. Many of my digital and painting works I have organised in the album Creative.

Some examples of my projects I keep ready in the Portfolio folder, this initially with limited access.

This site exists since 2018. At the moment the website is in a conceptual development and still in progress, so please look in once again.

Last but not least the aesthetic fulfillment plays an important role. And because the art is developing mostly far outside of the clichées of life according to its own logic, I see a proportional dependence between ambient and art not an imperative. More important is to experience the process of making art and the message as well as the communication with the universe thinking. So feel free to contact me to get something started! If something does not appear to work properly, please send me a bug report.