Get Bent

get bent 2018 abstract digital texture blue

Get Bent 2018

Some stones are polished by water and weather over millions of years. Modern, we do it digitally much faster. Of course, the question arises whether that makes sense. For art, nothing is too much. Green-bluish surface distributed through the straight edges. The textures want to give an alien identity, while characterized up close by its easy geometry and nuances. Throught some 3d deffects it get a strong aesthetic identity. If you intent to purchase such a picture or have interest to know more about, please click one of the links below: Print with options (as art print, poster, canvas print, gallery print, greeting card): Get Bent by Artflakes.com Folded Luxury by Artflakes.com Triangular Cells by Artflakes.com Or here (as canvas, framed, acrylic, photographic): Get Bent by photo4me.com Folded Luxury by photo4me.com JIPPIE by photo4me.com Triangular Cells by photo4me.com

Last Updated on 15/02/2022

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