Moving Forest Light

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Moving Forest Light 2019

Moving Forest Light 2019 A picture in the bavarian forest with mystical light that fascinated me. Some digital editing was done successively. If you want to buy such a picture or have interest to know more about, please click one of the links below: Moving Forest Light in my Shop Further print options (as art […]


Fisher As Cyanotypie

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Fisher As Cyanotypie 2011

Fisher as Cyanotypie and Fisher In Red 2011 A fisherman in the sunset is waiting to catch fish, in the time you want to observe the nature. The sky, the earth and the water melt together in the sunset. The fisherman is the only thing that stands out clearly. Now all is Blue. Light is […]


Apple With Birds

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Apple With Birds 2012

Apple With Birds 2012 The apple as an eye-catcher proves to be a dummy. The image is a montage of several photographs. 2006/2012. Anything can be art in some way or another … after observing I have to bring my contribution. I don’t make a conscious decision what to do, just see where the journey […]