Over Pyramids

Over Pyramids 2009

Over Pyramids 2009

Over Pyramids 2009

Pyramids again, this time three pieces. When I primed this carton I was still very attached at an image of El Greco. My little daughter, I allowed her to paint at my picture with me together. She surprised me again and again with unexpected colors. On the darker background, we started to paint abstract structures. After a few months I was pleased to complete this as here.

A pyramid whose base is an equilateral triangle and whose three side surfaces are triangles that are congruent to the base is called a regular tetrahedron. I prefer the tetrahedron to the square pyramid even if they are not necessarily regular.

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Last Updated on 17/02/2021

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Linda Hill
Linda Hill
3 years ago

This is a very beautiful image and the fact that you and your daughter worked on it together makes it more special

furtdso linopv
furtdso linopv
2 years ago

I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were invaluable handy