Spheres Reflection

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Spheres Reflection 2019

Spheres Reflection 2019 The theme sphere has always fascinated me, as an ideal construct of our world, from the stelar infrastructure to all the cells in the body. A short blender video. An abstract representation with spherules in a virtual space. The result subordinating on the incidence of light. You can watch this construction from […]


Orange Swirl

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orange swirl 2019 rings and spheres as a vector by blender

Orange Swirl 2019 An abstract representation with spherules and spirals in a virtual space, the result subordinating on the incidence of light. This construction can you watch from any point, you can see all cases always something else. I realized that spatial imagination is not only three-dimensional. Additionally you have to understand and feel about, […]

Digital Image

Get Bent

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get bent 2018 abstract digital texture blue

Get Bent 2018 Some stones are polished by water and weather over millions of years. Modern, we do it digitally much faster. Of course, the question arises whether that makes sense. For art, nothing is too much. Green-bluish surface distributed through the straight edges. The textures want to give an alien identity, while characterized up […]


XL Color

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xl color 2018 digital textured bluish picture plate with cuts and holes

XL Color 2018 Art arising often from the nature, just so the cornerstones from my picture, were some time ago just trees … and transformed visual and energetic. Energy after the conversion is approximately the same, but to obtain other forms therefore always requires different temperatures and colors. Energy is also dimensionless and timeless as […]

Black and White

Carbon Cooled

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Carbon Cooled 2018

Carbon Cooled 2018 When an object is spinning, is created a turbulence and the air is turned around with it. According to some theories, there is also a deformation of space and a change of gravitational forces. As the particles clump together again, under circumstances emerge artistical structures, they may be reminiscent to the design […]

Black and White


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feeling framed 2016 abstract digital black and white

Feling 2016 When visual feelings are imparted in emotional depth through refined shapes. A black-and-white abstract picture which, like a mathematical arrangement, search for a schematic representation of tension. If you intent to purchase such a picture or have interest to know more about, please click one of the links below: Feeling in my Shop […]


Light Slide

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light slide 2019 vector picture by blender photo composing blue

Light Slide 2019 When the ideas penetrate through other ideas. Through inherited development and with our own slide we reach our goal. Keywords are light, texture, slide, vector and motion. 3 dimensional. If you want to buy such a picture or have interest to know more about, please click on the links below: print with […]