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Cub3d: Flash animation of a cubic of lamels parts. With mouseover can you find new colors or influence the movement.If you can’t see an animation but a black area, you can try with right mouse click to activate the plugin.


Orange Swirl

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Orange Swirl 2019 An abstract representation with spherules and spirals in a virtual space, the result subordinating on the incidence of light. This construction can you watch from any point, you can see all cases always something else. I realized that spatial imagination is not only three-dimensional. Additionally you have to understand and feel about, […]


Light Slide

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Light Slide 2019 When the ideas penetrate through other ideas. Through inherited development and with our own slide we reach our goal. Keywords are light, texture, slide, vector and motion. 3 dimensional. If you want to buy such a picture or have interest to know more about, please click on the links below: print with […]