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Orientation Twirl

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Orientation Twirl 2016

Actually, the the rows of numbers make a sense together. I like particular numbers and using them often. I know from experience it happens to others too. And numbers do not remain silent, in a material form they take different positions and movements and lead their own stylish lives.

Beyond that I observe them every day and they bring a new design for me, especially since they construct an interesting pattern. I worked with random numbers, these are partially sunk in the background, everything was a slightly deformed perspective, more or less an increased expectation.

That is available as also black and white.

If you intent to purchase such a picture or have interest to know more about, please click one of the links below:
Orientation Twirl in my Shop

Further many print options (as art print, poster, canvas print, gallery print, greeting card):
Wies by
Green Joining by
Before The Numbers by

Or here (as canvas, framed, acrylic, photographic):
Orientation Twirl by
Orientation Twirl Detail by
Wies by
Green Joining by
More Sight Of Numbers by
Numbers Twirl by
Combine Purple by

Other Prints or Canvas here:
Numbers Twirl by

And here as metal poster:
Orientation Twirl by

Last Updated on 02/03/2021

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