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Post Overview

On some abstract pictures you have here quick access.

These describe a bit the direction where I am currently moving. That means something abstract, geometric, somewhat surreal. And finding new design possibilities. But abstract is not only abstract. It’s about space, time and appearance too. The matter deforms the space and the time, but visually, the colors apear before. This stuff should be a kind of visual signature, some emotional electro-magnetic signals converted into colors. After that, structures emerge.

Geometry is integrated everywhere, also into the life.

And it needs space, makes work and is time consuming, but also can be funny. As well it’s available independently, as an abstract representation. Finally the geometry it’s not difficult to see, however often come straight lines and angles before. We only know about geometry what we have already interpreted. For example vibrating pattern in the thirth dimension. And the geometry adapts quickly in the right direction. Probably there is more geometry out there.

With surreal is meant, it could be fantastic, dreamlike but the same time it’s not real … or maybe?

Where the light ends, there begins the form, if not a little before. Some steps are to overcome: theme and collage, then relief and light, pattern and texture, sometimes you fall in love… Eventually these are not conditions. More important for me is the passion of organizing and focussing on design and shapes.

Last Updated on 03/01/2021